Stay ahead of the game in the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) revolution by reading this article and discovering the top artificial intelligence tools for social media managers.

There are thousands of Artificial Intelligence tools. You’re probably already sick of hearing about ChatGPT, and want to understand which tools can help you improve your day to day life as a social media manager.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to leverage A.I. to enhance your social media strategy and understand:

Artificial Intelligence: Simplified

Recently, we have heard more about Artificial Intelligence due to the launch of the ChatGPT tool, but whether you believe it or not, it has been present in our lives for longer than you think.

In simplified terms, artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence carried out by machines or computers. In other words, humans “teach” machines to write, hear, speak, see and move.

How so? Here is an example. On your smartphone when you use the virtual assistant (Siri, google assistant, etc) Artificial Intelligence is used.

Another example is when you shop at say Amazon. Those product recommendations that make you say “ahh, that’s the one” are also made possible thanks to artificial intelligence.

You may be thinking: Okay, but what about me? How can I use artificial intelligence to my advantage?

Well, before that let’s take a quick look at what kind of benefits these A.I. tools can bring you for your day to day life as a social media manager.

The Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence in Social Media

1. Increase the Content Flow

If you are a social media manager, a key part of your job is content creation. However, nowadays you can significantly increase in quantity the amount of content you create.

Tools like the one we are going to look at below ( allow you to instantly generate titles and text for whatever formats you need. That way you can create hundreds of titles or short sentences in just a few seconds.

However, we cannot help but point out that, although these tools make surprisingly good copies in a very short time (just seconds), they are still not a complete replacement for a good professional’s creative ability.

2. Improve and Optimize Targeting

Today’s marketers and social media managers have access to data that consumers are leaving behind throughout their web journey (thanks cookies).

So it’s up to them to use this data to improve their strategies.

Imagine you have a database of all your customer’s characteristics, preferences, quantities, and times of purchase. You can use an Artificial Intelligence system to analyze this database. Afterward, let it produce insights so you can make decisions.

3. Generate Ideas

The days of staring at a blank word document with no ideas to start writing are over. Social media managers can now utilize artificial intelligence tools to their advantage.

In seconds you can ask a language model like ChatGPT, or tools like to generate ideas for you. The advantage of doing the latter is that the outputs will be specific to your problem.

The same thing is true if you need images. The tools we are going to look at next, allow you to visualize a concept for, let’s say, an advertising campaign, product, or post for your social media, without having to use a designer in the initial phase.

4. Fill in the Gaps

A social media manager must possess several skills. Communication skills, creativity, strategic thinking, marketing, analytics, and the list goes on…

It is likely that in some of these areas you feel less comfortable performing tasks.

Artificial intelligence tools are great for filling some sort of gap that may exist in your strategy or know-how. Sometimes it would be nice to have a “video editing helper” or a tool that would give us a little boost on the analytical side.

Nowadays, the number of tools that can help you are countless, in all different areas. We’ve selected 5 of them especially for you, social media manager.

5 Artificial Intelligence Tools for Social Media Managers

1. – Enhance Images

Comparison image of a blurry photo and a clear photo after restoration using The blurry photo shows a person looking at the camera, and the restored photo shows the same person with much clearer details and sharpness.

A bad image can decrease the perceived value of your product or service to the consumer, as well as affect the potential to be well positioned in SEO rankings, and diminish the quality of the consumer experience.

It is therefore essential to have good image quality. If you took a screenshot or a photo that has poor quality, but you need to use it in your campaign or next post, no need to look for alternatives.

To use this tool simply search on google and access it. Then just upload your image, and it will be ready.

2. Runway – Edit Videos (and more)

Screenshot of Runway AI showing a team collaboratively editing a video in real-time using different sections

Easy to learn, yet powerful, this video ( and not only) editing tool lowers the barrier of entry to this key area of your social media strategy.

Drag your image or video, and with just a few clicks make your content more dynamic. With this tool you can:

  • Use motion tracking
  • Improve audio quality
  • Remove video backgrounds
  • Generate automatic subtitles
  • Edit in real time with your team

And much more…

If you are looking to explore this tool, you can do so for free, but with some limitations, with the cheapest plan starting at $12.

3. Tome – Communicate with Impact

Screenshot of Tome Artificial Intelligence tool, demonstrating text-to-presentation feature, creating a slideshow presentation from written text

Communicating your ideas and results with impact can be the difference between an approval or not. In Tome’s opinion, your idea deserves more than just text and images.

First write your narrative. Second, let Tome do the work. Tome creates a slideshow from scratch (and in seconds) with multiple pages with 3D animations, videos, and even web content.

4. – Your Writing Assistant

Screenshot of Copy AI's menu showing options for title, description, and tone selection

It’s like having your copywriting assistant, 24 hours a day, always available to help you get off the blank sheet. You can even choose in what tone you want him to write.

Need a text with a confident tone? Done. Or perhaps what’s missing in your text is that persuasive touch. does that too.

With just a few clicks you can also choose which copy format you want this text generation tool to write. Weather it is for websites, sales, paid ads, products, or simply brainstorming.

Remember the important keyword here. Assistant! You will still need to oversee what this tool “pours out”. is a completely free tool (up to 2000 words per month).

5. DALL-E 2 – Generate Images from Text

Digital artwork showing a scene of teddy bears shopping for groceries in Ancient Egypt. The bears are surrounded by market stalls and pyramids, holding a basket. The artwork was created using DALL-E, an Artificial Intelligence model that generates images from textual descriptions

Teddy bears shopping for groceries in ancient Egyptian? The real question here is why you need such an image.

Now on a more serious note, this tool has the ability to turn all your out of the box ideas into a concrete image. You just need to write the idea you want, with the details you need, in the style you desire.

This can be useful for:

  • Visualizing concepts
  • Creating personalized content
  • Increasing efficiency and speed of creation
  • Generating unique images to increase engagement

This tool has the power to create realistic images that you can use, for example, in your online paid advertising strategy.

How to Maximize the Use of These Tools in Your Day to Day Life

To maximize the use of these tools you have to pay attention to a few aspects:

Provide clear and objective data

At the end of the day we are working with machines. So one of the implications of that, is that you have to be precise in the data you input to maximize the quality of outputs given by the tools.

Make the tools usage more specific

For example, if you need a copy for a paid Facebook advertisement, instead of using ChatGPT, which can also do that, look for a tool that specializes in that task.

By doing so, you will be able to improve the quality of the result you will be hoping for.

Understanding Your Needs

Understand what tasks you need to perform on a daily basis and choose the tools to fulfill them. These can range from the need to edit video to the need to analyze large amounts of data.

Speaking of needs, if you are a social media manager, it is likely that one of your biggest needs is to optimize the time you spend on tasks such as posting to multiple platforms. At Swonkie we have solutions that can help you optimize your time.

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