Lack of time. This is one of the main complaints of those who manage multiple social media accounts.

Having to post on each of the social networks, multiplied by the number of customers, adding the time to research the best time to do it and the time we spend analyzing the competition, the trends and changes in the platforms – the truth is that I’m not even sure how much time this adds up to.

But I assure you that having to do all of this manually becomes untenable.

Using a social media management tool is the best way to increase productivity and efficiency when managing your company or clients’ social media. But it is not always easy to know how to choose the best tool.

At Social Ninjas we use Swonkie and in this article I want to share with you why. So, I asked my team how Swonkie helps them with social media management.

How Swonkie Helps Social Ninjas with Social Media Management:

Rita – Fast and efficient support

How often are we working with a software platform and we just don’t know how to do something?

And then, we have to lose endless hours on FAQ’s that don’t answer our question directly?

And when we finally come to the conclusion that what we really need is some expert help, we open the chat window of the platform and… it’s just a chatbot that will say exactly the same thing as the FAQ’s!

Either that, or they don’t have a support team to answer us in a timely manner.

One of the main reasons we chose Swonkie as a social media management tool was the fast, efficient and humanized support. Internally we even joke and say “Ask Ana”, who is our dedicated assistant (and a big thank you to Ana for her help and patience with us).

Print screen of the swonkie landing page, with the customer support chat open, which has the option of communication in Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, French, English and Spanish.

Patrícia – Check What’s the Best Time to Publish, by Publication Format

One of the most frequent questions when working with social media management, is which is the best time to publish.

Knowing the time when we are most likely to have our audience interact with our content can help us get better organic results.

But that’s something that isn’t available in native social media statistics or hard to find.

With Swonkie’s reports, we are able to see which hours our audience interacted the most with our clients’ posts. This can be done by customer, by day of the week, and the best part: by publication format.

This allows us to manage our customers social networks in detail, and improve their results.

Emanuel – Ease of Readjusting Publishing Dates

The unexpected happens – more often than we would like.

No matter how much we plan the content as far in advance as possible, there are always unforeseen events that make us have to readjust the planning.

Without a social media management tool, we would have to go social network by social network to change the already scheduled publishing dates. This increases not only the work, but also the risk of making mistakes.

With Swonkie’s drag and drop planning feature, we are able to change all the publication dates for all the social networks at the same time. This, in combination with the calendar view, greatly reduces the margin for error.

Example Image, from the calendar feature of swonkie, a social media management platform, where a 1-month content planning is demonstrated.

Bruno – Tracking Competitors Social Networks

One of the features that made us switch, from the tool we were using previously, to Swonkie, was the feature that allows us to keep up with the competition.

Keeping track of all our clients’ competitors is a task that requires too much effort for the return it brings.

But with Swonkie we are able to select the competitors we want to monitor closely, creating a customized competitor timeline for each brand.

In addition, we are also able to create alerts for when a brand publishes new content, or for posts that have a certain number of likes, comments, shares or have a certain keyword or go viral.

Helena – Simplifying my team’s life

I have been working with social media management for over 10 years and one of my main concerns has always been, being able to be more productive, without reducing the quality of my work or having a social media burnout.

I have tested several social media management tools, and for years, i’ve resisted switching to Swonkie.

Each tool has its advantages and disadvantages obviously. But what finally won me over to Swonkie, besides what my team mentioned above, was the time Swonkie saves my team in their day to day lives.

It makes them more productive and efficient in their work, and ensures that we deliver better results to our customers.

And that’s why, today, Swonkie is the “right-hand man” of Social Ninjas, allowing us to be the right-hand man of our clients’ marketing teams.

If you also want to transform your social media management, you can do so by using Swonkie for free for 14 days.

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