The start of a new year always sparks the interest in the new trends that will change the several markets worldwide. One of the digital marketing trends that will be in the spotlight for this new year is the use of video in social media. 📹

Every marketing professional knows that (good) content is king, whether it be for marketing or audiovisual production. According to Bloomberg Intelligence the biggest streaming platforms in the world have in their budgets billions of dollars put aside for content production. Netflix leads the group holding an investment of $18,5 billion. This comes to prove that video content will be one of the most important bets for companies in 2020.

video for social media
VIdeo content will be one of the biggest trends for social media in 2020

This trend meets the expectations of most social media users, who wish for more dynamic, updated and easy to understand visual content.

If you don’t know how to implement video content in your digital marketing strategy, we’ll let you in on the 4 trends of this format for social media in 2020. Start planning right away!

Ads in Video for Social Media

The video format is here to stay, and not only in organic content: sponsored posts and ads will also include this format more than ever, and it’s easy to see why. Video content creates higher levels of engagement in comparison with images, attracting more audience and generating more leads. So, if you want to target and capture the attention of more audience with your ads, you know what to do: it’s time to start advertising videos!

Live Stream

Did you know that Live Stream produces 3x more engagement than regular videos? Yes, you read that well: 3x more!

This type of content is one of the biggest video trends for social media in 2020. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and more recently Linkedin already have their own Live Stream tool, and the brands are thankful for that! 

Above all, one of the reasons why users like to watch live videos is the creation of a closer connection with the brands. Live Stream videos are more spontaneous, dynamic and don’t make use of editing. This makes them more natural and unfiltered at the eyes of the audience. Questions and answers and some backstage sneak peeks are two good options for anyone who wishes to venture into the world of Lives! 😊

live stream for social media
Live Stream videos generate 3x more engagement than regular videos
Source: SEO10 Projetos Digitais

Tik Tok

If you are a marketing professional there’s a 99% chance that you’ve already heard this name. The video app had its boom in 2019, surpassing Instagram and Snapchat in the number of downloads, and it’s expected to continue its growth in 2020.

If you are part of the 1% that has no idea what Tik Tok is, this app is a social network that allows its users to create, edit and share short videos. Due to its dynamic and fun content, it has become a successful platform among the younger generations, being essential for any brand that is trying to reach this target audience.

Instagram Stories with Storytelling

Instagram stories have already become a necessity in any digital marketing strategy. With dynamic contents and high rates of engagement, they allow its users to make and answer questions, share more spontaneous and immediate content and even to create fun animations with stickers and GIFs. It’s easy to understand its appeal.

However, the trend for stories in 2020 will be storytelling. Videos with logical sequences and the presence of real people are the users’ favourites, as they create a more personal connection with who publishes the story, being it a brand or an influencer.

To film and publish stories with a logical sequence and a fun and interesting content is not always easy, especially for those who have busy days during the work week. A solution for this problem is the use of a social media management tool, like Swonkie.

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Swonkie allows you to create and schedule stories easily and quickly, so you can create the best content and storytelling possible for your Instagram account!

Now that you know the video trends for social media in 2020 you can start to innovate your own marketing strategy! Pick up the filming camera and start using it. 😉