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Swonkie | The Bloggers’ Best Friend Arrived


Swonkie arrives and it will make the bloggers’ life much easier on Social Networks.

Swonkie is the first tool for Bloggers that allows you to CREATE, SHARE and ENGAGE your content in one single platform, without having to jump from one platform to another.

But what does it mean?

You have the passion and the will to share your content with your followers, but sometimes it is very hard to be productive when you need to do so many things at the same time.

Let’s keep things easier for you!

In one single platform you can login on your actual Blog and write your content as if you had been inside your Blog itself, exactly with the same experience.


CREATE your content and, meanwhile, you can analyze it by receiving a SEO support. Why is this so important? Probably you’ve already heard about SEO and why it is so important to get a better ranking on search engines, right? Now you don’t need to worry about that anymore, just let Swonkie deal with it, giving you tips to improve your ranking.

It is so boring to copy & past your Blog’s link through the various social networks you are dealing with, isn’t it?

Share or Schedule your content through multiple social networks in seconds, even if the content you’ve written is not online yet. You can schedule your Blog’s post for tomorrow morning and only share it in the social networks the day after.

Engage your content with more followers on Swonkie’s community platform, where your posts will be available for more and more followers.

Now, let’s see how Swonkie works

The first step is to make your login to your social networks. The process is very easy, you just need to select each button to activate the intended social network and then the login process will start automatically.

Your profiles will be imported to our platform and you´ll then be able to select the ones you want to manage in the platform.


You can select profiles, pages and even the groups that are owned by you.

After that, you´ll be able to see all your streams on the homepage, and engage with your own post if you want to. It´s possible to comment, to see who´s liking your posts or if somebody tagged you in any publication.


For those who have many streams to manage, this is very useful because it allows you to manage them all in the same screen and engage with all your followers at the same time.

On the next menu “New Publication”, you can create your publications through multiple social networks at the same time, in seconds. On the other hand, you can aswell create your publications from your own blog inside our platform and share it on your social networks.

If you´ve already logged in to your blog, on the New pulication’s menu you will have your blog´s tab to select.

On the menu you can write your publication.

As you can see, you have the same experience, a very similar layout, even the structure is almost the same. However you can find different features, such as a language box, where you can write your publication in up to three different languages, giving the reader the option to choose the language they want to read (only available for blogspot).

If you don´t have any SEO plugins, with Swonkie you don´t need them because our platform will score content according to many SEO best pratices. Starting with your title, it tells you how good it is, analyzes all your publication content and gives you tips to optimize it, and finally scores your content so you have an idea of how good it can be for search engines.


The title makes the first impression to your reader, so it´s important that you know how to create impact in order to write the best title. This is the way to catch your readers’ attention.


There are no magic formulas to find the best title, the most important is that you focus on what really matters to your reader. Swonkie helps you to find out what´s more important to the SEO, measuring how many words your title must have, what is the best structure to make a good title  and so many other things, all that in just few seconds.

The SEO support doesn’t end in your title, it will continue helping you out on your body content, giving you the best tips on where your keywords need to be, how many images you need to have, how easy it is to understand your content, how many words you should use to have a good quality content, and so on.


When your post creation process is over, you can preview the post to make sure it will show the way you want. At the same time, you can also preview all the publications to Social Networks, one by one.


If you want to add a link to your content, but not linked to any word, you can use our URL shortener to show a shorter URL.


Once you have your content created it’s time to share it to your social networks, to promote it faster among your followers and friends.

In fact, you don’t need to copy your blog post link to connect it to your social networks anymore.

Just write your post on your social networks, select your profiles on each social network you´ve added, add photos, hastags, emojis and send your content to the different networks in seconds.


If you don’t want to publish your content straight away, you can schedule it for a date / time of your preference, or add it to a queue and Swonkie will try to find the best time to post on your social networks for you.

If you choose the schedule or queue option, there´s a calendar zone where you can manage all your posts. There, you can edit, preview or delete the posts one by one.


Here you can see all the posts ready to send.

One of the most important features of Swonkie is that you can see all the analytics of your posts. All in one, you can see how many likes you have on each social network, how many views, compare posts or see your traffic seeds.

You don’t need to count these data alone anymore and now it´s gonna be easier to get it.


So, after all, are you willing to give Swonkie a chance? We are eagerly waiting for you, come and try, it's free.

See you in a little while :)

Team Swonkie

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